Cave Adullam hosts conferences for unique needs in the body of Christ. One special need is that the body would come alive to her prophetic nature where she walks and talks just as the Groom so desires! The desire expressed through the prophetic conferences is that the religious "vagueness" and "spookiness" of the prophetic life is completely ripped to shreds leaving us with a life of desperate pursuit and intimacy with Jesus embracing everything He has to offer!

Yahweh to Face Prophetic Conference

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Cave Adullam was honored to host a fresh prophetic conference that ran from the 16th - 21st of January 2017. The conference featured curriculums from the Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents, the Latter Rain Bible School as well as the Discipleship curriculum. The conference concluded with a prophetic art exhibition called "The Rainbow" where prophetic artists showcased paintings of the visions of God they were graced to witness. Give us a minute and we will make all the media from the conference available on demand!

Yahweh to Face Prophetic Arts Exhibition

"The Rainbow"

The speakings of the Lord captured in the Holy Scriptures began with light as the Creator's voice released a spectrum of colors He used to paint the world He spoke into existence! As we look even further, it seems that a great number of the utterances of the Lord that we have captured in scripture manifested through streams of creativity that in no way hindered or dampened the power of God! The oracles of God manifested with the crafting of the tabernacle(were sculpting, fabric design and other forms of creativity formed the eathly dwelling place of the Almighty), the writing of the Psalms of David(which unveiled the conversations only found within the bossom of the Father) and the rather vivid descriptions of the visions of the Lord(chronicled by seers and prophets like Ezekiel and Zechariah). With a heart of pursuit after all that God has to offer, we wish to see this manifest in the here and now with the conscious decision to not limit the Spirit of God releasing His presence, conviction, healing power and transormation through art. What does this look like practically? Come to "The Rainbow", (the Yahweh to Face Prophetic Art Exhibition) and you'll get a glimpse of what the Spirit has made available to the New Testament church!

Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents

The Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents is a curriculum meant to foster the understanding the purpose, meaning and practical application of prophetic sightings, visions, signs, symbols, sounds and patterns.
For more information, please visit the New Wine website!

The Discipleship Curriculum

This curriculum was drafted to equip disciples of Christ in the school of the Spirit understand the key rudiments of the kingdom so as to practically live out the prophetic life!

Latter Rain Bible School

This institution is to serve as a platform where the emerging sons will be prepared, nurtured, equipped, guided and armed with adequate knowledge and character of God in carrying out and fulfilling God's mandates of the present time - for more information, visit the Latter Rain Bible School!

God...in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son

Past Conferences

Cave Adullam hosted last year's prophetic conference in August 2016. The conference featured curriculums from the Prophetic School for Kingdom Agents, the Latter Rain Bible School as well as the Discipleship curriculum.

Ministers : Babs Adewunmi, Clems Aigbe & Douglas Elyon Arukwe
Date : August 22 - August 26, 2016

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Yahweh to Face Prophetic Conference