We host key recurring weekly fellowships and meetings that target specfic members of the body to the intent
...that all would know the Lord from the least to the greatest!.
We believe in the principles and patterns shown in scriptures that point the presence of God as the place where transformation takes place. Our heart cry is that the Spirit of God is able to change all attendees whenever(and however) through these fellowship meetings without restraint!

Ministers Rest

Ministers Rest is a gathering of ministers of the gospel of the kingdom for relaxing, refreshing and refilling times of worship, sharpening, intercession and fellowship.
Our vision is the beauty of the perfect church dwelling together in unity!


Preparing His Bride

Preparing His bride is a fellowship of God's people with the sole purpose of equipping them with (the understanding of) the sincere word of God and adorning their hearts with the jewels of the nature of God as we hasten the coming of the Lord in one accord!


Securing The Next Generation

Join the PHB Youth and Teens as they discover the beauty of a life completely sold out to the Lord!


Melchizedek School of Priesthood

What started as a training ground for the Cave Adullam ministry team is now a ministry school where the Lord will personally minister the rudiments of the new testament priesthood!


Yom Tefilah

We've been instructed to hold a weekly 24-Hour Prayer Stretch for the coming of the Lord Jesus...Join us when you can and for as long as you can every Thursday morning till Friday morning!

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