The Immersion 2017

The almighty, all-knowing, and invisible God for eons has had one desire, to be seen!

This desire has been pacified in different times and diverse ways by men and women anointed by varying measures and portions of the Spirit of God. These people like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Deborah, Samuel, David, Elijah, Esther and the other prophets sprang up as beacons(glowing sign boards) pointing to the unveiling of the hidden God. These men found themselves expressing certain attributes of God as they lived lives immersed under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Some of them would sleep next to the very ark of God’s glory, some would spend weeks without food or water alone waiting in God’s presence. As these men would wait on the Lord, they would discover the inspiration of the Spirit of God as the Almighty God would reveal His Person to them by the coming of His Word. As the word of God would come to them, they would begin to prophesy (vocally, pictorially or by their lives) of the coming fullness of the revelation of God. Immersed in the presence of God, these men would live lives, speak words and write books under the influence of the Spirit of God declaring the day of unveiling of the Lord! The last prophet of this order(John the baptist), was a man who was baptized in the Holy Spirit from the womb destined for one purpose - to identify by name, the prophesied unveiling of the hidden God - Jesus Christ, the Anointed One!
Upon this man, Jesus Christ rested the Spirit of God without measure so powerfully that His life beautifully unveiled the invisible God, that God Himself tore the heavens open to bear witness of Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son in whom He was well-pleased. The invisible God for the first time was clearly seen in a man, Christ Jesus...the man who grew up in the very bosom of God, immersed in the Spirit of God and anointed by the seven Spirits of God radiating the brightness of God’s glory and expressing the very image of His person.

Today, the same Spirit that rested upon Him, the fullness of the Spirit of God is being poured out without measure upon all flesh for the raising of children of the Anointed One, Christ-ian men and women. He’s raising prophets of a different order, not manifesting God in varying measures, but manifesting sonship to the fulness as Christ did. They will be raised like Samuel, some filled with the Spirit at a very young age like John the Baptist...they will become fathers like Abraham, some will be sacrificed like Isaac, governors like Daniel, priests like Ezekiel, lawgivers like Moses, Prophets like Elijah....irrespective of which attribute of God they express, they will be immersed in the Spirit of God to display God’s power as never seen before and reflect the purity of Christ without restriction.

A Jesus-generation is arising...a generation of power and purity!

Power and Purity

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