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"Cave Adullam" is a community of believers learning to walk in love and embrace the mystery of faith as they pursue the blissful life of Christ in all diligence and godly sincerity to the intent that the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus would be a tangible reality today! 


The Ministry

As a ministry, we host several conferences, fellowships, meetings, camps and retreats, each with their unique mandates, but all with the sole purpose of equipping and adorning God's people with whatever is lacking as the true Ekklesia comes to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ!

A House of Prayer

In our core, we strongly believe that all of the issues with this world stem from the absence of the presence of the Lord Jesus amidst His people! This conviction has fashioned Cave Adullam as a house of prayer for all nations! We believe that the only hope for Nigeria and the world as a whole is Jesus and we believe that the key to any form of success starts with falling at the feet of Jesus sacrifically - Unless the Lord builds the House, it would not look like a house of prayer!

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

Our vision as a house is that the age to come would manifest as quickly as possible by the appearance of our Lord Jesus as the God of all creation! For this reason we believe that without compromise every facet of our lives(personally and our environment by extension) must fall in submission to the Lordship of Jesus, the laws of His life and the words of His mouth! We as individuals, our marriages, homes, churches, cities, nations and planet must fall subject to the glorious reign of our Lord Jesus Christ as we wait for His revealing.


Cave Adullam started as a series of spontaneous interactions between ministers of the gospel gathering in a home. After a weekend filled with activities, "pastor friends" would spend hours reminiscing on past outpourings of God's Spirit upon His people from biblical times till now. As these men and women would gather and share the joys of salvation, they would remember the rich heritage that the church in Nigeria had in her former glories, discover revelations of the future outpouring of the latter rain for the growth of trees of righteousness but this time to raise up trees of righteousness broadcasting the wealthy and diverse expressions of the virtues of Christ that will bring healing to the nations. The informality of the setting allowed communion to flow without restraint as time and time again, the hearts of ministers would groan with unsatisfaction with the status quo.

As hunger pangs began to grow, the Lord began to speak with clarity that a house should be raised for the fortitude of mighty men and women of the lineage of David, the man after God's heart, and  Obadiah to preserve and build the common wealth of Israel hidden in the prophets of the Lord!

David, during the reign of Saul sought refuge in the cave of Adullam where he fiercely sought the comforting presence God which ended up strengthening many victims of distress, debt and discontentment who became mighty men!

Obadiah, during the idolatrous reign of Jezebel that resulted in the relentless massacre of the prophets of the Lord, took and hid a hundred prophets in caves where they were fed bread and water!

In these times where the heart of God for His body is nothing more than an afterthought to many, a strong mandate arises to a remnant few! The mandate is to ensure that ministers of the gospel of the kingdom are complete, proficient, & thoroughly furnished (for the good work of the 5-fold ministry) and that the hearts all of God's people are beautifully adorned (for the priestly service of the bridegroom) with passion for the Master!

While still staying in line with this call to witness the Lord purify His bride Himself, we've found several courts in the house of God with ministries for raising different groups of God's people. Ministers Rest targets ministers of the gospel, Preparing His bride targets the growing believer while STNG is for the next generation!

"Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name"
[Malachi 3:16]

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